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Invite George E. Miller, II to be a Guest Speaker

There is nothing wrong with creating art for art’s sake.  However, George Miller believes he has been led by the spirit to use his talent to advocate for children. “I use my gift to encourage students to stay in school, to salute the adults that stand up for our children and to make visible the love that exists but cannot always be seen,” says George. Among his many illustrations over the years, George’s artwork addresses a range of important issues related to children such as: education, foster care, autism, character education, leadership and dropout prevention. Your support will help bring attention to his work as a Child Advocacy Artist.

As an invited speaker at conferences and local schools, George’s lively presentations focus on the benefits of the creative process, as well as our individual ability to self-determine a lifetime of successful living. Fees vary depending on location and length of presentation. For more information call Artfigures at (661) 609-1404. To view photos of worskshops and presentations, visit the media page.

Commemorative Illustrations

All of the artwork you see on this website has been commissioned by organizations. Each piece is unique, illustrating the theme of their respective event with a common thread—children. Moreover, the titles of many of the illustrations (such as, “Going to Bat for Our Children,” “We Love to Read” and “Our Children, Our World, Our Future”) are the actual themes of the conferences they were created for.

Artist George E. Miller II would love to create a work of art for your next conference.  The process is simple and is designed to give your organization an opportunity to either earn all of its money back or make a profit! Our calendar fills very quickly so lock in your request early.  We only accept 2 commissioned requests per month. 

How much does it cost?

Option 1) Choose An exisiting Illustration from the “Gallery” Page

Choose an existing illustration from the “Gallery” Page. If you choose a piece of artwork from the gallery on the website, your cost will depend on what it is you are using the artwork for and the quantity you plan on printing. Prices start at $750.00 . All copyright laws apply.

Option 2) Commisssion an original work of art

If you would like to commission an original work of art created specifically for your organization, your cost will depend on the length of time your illustration will take to complete, how the artwork is being used, and the quantity you plan on printing. Prices start at $1,500.00 . All copyright laws apply. Your organization will need to book custom commissions at least 3 months in advance. We like to complete the artwork 2 or 3 months before your event. That will give you time to meet your own printing needs.

For more information call (904) 521-4059 or Artfigures at (661) 609-1404.


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