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George E Miller’s, It Takes An Entire Village To Raise A Child was used
in the feature film, “The Preacher’s Wife,” starring Denzel Washington.
It is also seen in the official trailer beginning at 00:41 second mark.

George E. Miller is a guest on “The Chat” (First Coast News)

“First Coast Living” (First Coast News, WFGC) Interviews George E. Miller

WJCT “HomeTown” featuring George Miller

George E. Miller explains his illustration “Global Knowledge for
Local Change” at the 9th World Congress Promotion of Mental Health
and Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders


I recently was part of a family meeting to make some long-term decisions for a child. The family had a long history of conflict and yet they all loved the child with all their hearts. I brought George’s “It Takes a Whole Village...” print to the meeting and talked about how important it is for every single person to help raise the child. If someone is missing, due to disagreements, etc., then the child suffers and may fall down. The family was moved to tears by his work and referred to the message in his work during their meeting which lasted several hours. They came up with a way to work together to 'raise the child'.

Marilee Sherry, MSW, RSW

Manager & Coordinator, Family Group Decision Making

Every George Miller print speaks powerfully to you.  It tells a story that inspires.  Each story becomes unique to the individual who views it but what is consistent are the the brilliant colors, the energy that emanates from the artist to the viewer and the cultural diversity intrinsic in each piece that allows every viewer to see a reflection of themselves and a story in their lives.

Toni Oliver

Vice President, National Association of Black Social Workers

As I have shared George’s artwork with educators in our national network of partner programs, many have spoken of the profound messages found in his pieces. The way he captures the importance of what we do is phenomenal. My students really appreciate the piece George crafted especially for Pathways Academy. They look at it and see themselves in those caps and gowns headed towards college and a brighter future. May George keep blessing others and inspiring others through his work.

Erica Trent

Director, Pathways Academy

Mr. Miller is one of the most committed artists I have ever met during my more than thirty years in the educational field. His art is motivational, educational and inspiring. His belief that all students are capable of achieving at high levels is made manifest in his artistic renderings of students and teachers working collaboratively together.

His art work was selected to be used as the logo for our company to best represent the essence of our professional development firm from a long list of potential artists. It was chosen because his art work speaks to the recognition of the value and beauty of teaching and learning for all students.

Therefore, I heartily endorse his work and encourage those who are also committed to educating young people; and those who wish to share the value and love of teaching and learning to include his work as they seek to inspire parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders to engage themselves in the teaching and learning process.

Lloyd D. Martin, Ph.D

President/CEO, Universal School Solutions

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I walked into a conference a few years ago hoping that I would learn something that I could use in creating my motivational speeches. The conference was about abuse, neglect and dependency. The first thing I saw when I walked into the lobby was a number of portraits, paintings, and lithographs of multicultural people celebrating their similarities and differences. Then I realized, "There are words in that picture!" This art was a message in many many ways. That is the magic of George E. Miller II's work. It defies art to be less than all that it could be.

Not only does his canvas speak to you in color, artist stroke, creativity, and composition, the subject matter itself inspires us to see the world in a new way. It inspires us to see a world where there are no racial borders, there are no country borders, there is only one rich stew of cultures and people.

Then there are the words. This creates a dimension all on its own. A fold in a sleeve spells “HOPE” on a child with a bruise on its eye. A hand is slightly discolored and reads “READ” as a group of children enjoy a book. A cloud thanks god and a sky tells us to believe in the ability of peace…yet, only in the word of peace drawn out through sun rays.

George’s art is in a class of its own. Loko at all of his art in its splendor and think about displaying it proudly as a statement of your view that the world can be a better, more peaceful world away from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Chad Herman

Movitational Speaker


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